Мы едины We join hands Wir sind zusammen Biz birlikteyiz Մենք միասնական ենք Είμαστε μαζί Společně Estamos unidos Siamo uniti Nous sommes ensemble Мы едины We join hands Wir sind zusammen Biz birlikteyiz Մենք միասնական ենք Είμαστε μαζί Společně Estamos unidos Siamo uniti Nous sommes ensemble
We Join Hands


You may offer help as a volunteer or ask for help from those who are ready to respond now.

Dear Friends!

Our website was created by the efforts of an international team of like-minded friends. We are diverse and open to making new friends: wherever you are, whatever your language, skin color and religion is, we are to join hands with you. Email us: i@wirzum.com


Quarantine Assistance Service

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the communities across the world posing new unprecedented challenges for those in need and the societies at large.

The people in need are now more vulnerable than others and need even more help and support.

If you or someone you know needs help or if you want to offer your helping hand to others, please register using the applicable form.

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How to help?

Please, evaluate your ability to provide assistance

We strongly urge you to evaluate your ability to provide assistance taking into account the guidance and restrictions imposed by your local authorities. Please strictly observe sanitary and epidemiological safety measures as well as quarantine and lockdown regulations (if any).

Memo to a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer

If you want to become a volunteer as a part of a volunteer organisation, please go through the appropriate registration in such an organisation in your city / region / country. Contacts of some volunteer organizations and movements can be found on our website. We are not a volunteer organisation and do not provide training and (or) guidance for volunteers.


Expanding the reach

If you want to share important information about organised assistance and (or) volunteer groups / organisations in your city / region / country, and / or useful resources and opportunities available to people in forced isolation, write to us us@wirzum.com. After verification, we will share your information with others.

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Spread the word / sharing the love

We will also be grateful if you can tell as many people as possible about our resource through instant messengers or on your pages on social networks by indicating a link to our website wirzum.com.


We draw your attention to the fact that we are not a charitable organisation, we DO NOT solicit or collect donations or other monetary contributions, we DO NOT distribute monetary or other assistance and (or) resources, DO NOT coordinate the work of any services. We are not associated with any organisations and services referred to or presented on the site. All information is gathered from public sources and then is simply assembled on our website for the ease of use.

Registration for volunteers

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